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Functional training was originally a method used by physical and occupational therapists in the rehabilitation of their patients. However, fitness professionals quickly recognized the value that functional training might hold for a much wider range of people and began incorporating it into the programs that they created for clients.

Functional training is a form of exercise that prepares the body for the various types of activity common in our daily lives. In a functional training routine the exercises performed generally focus on strengthening back and abdominal muscles, which in turn improves core strength and thus leads to better balance and overall strength.

Looking for Functional Training Classes in Dubai?

Nick Kelly offers functional training in the Dubai area. Nick comes to your home, office or gym. Any outdoor area suitable for exercise and finess training will also do!

Nick can cater the functional training exercises to your own unique requirements, ensuring that you are able to participate in the types of activity that you as an individual regularly perform.

Functional training keeps you fit, leads to better muscular balance and joint stability, and improves your coordination and range of motion. It also decreases your risk of injury during everyday life and during workouts, making it even more worthwhile as a training method!

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