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HIIT, or High-Intensity Interval Training, is a training technique that alternates between quick, intense bursts of activity and short periods of less-intense activity or total rest. Training like this quickly elevates the heart rate and sustains that elevation, burning more fat in less time than regular aerobic and steady-state workouts.

Aside from its powerful fat-burning effects, HIIT brings a host of other benefits to the table too. It leads to a healthier heart with better physical endurance, and can be performed without any equipment – exercises that use the body’s weight as resistance can be just as effective at getting your heart rate up quickly as exercises that use fancy machines! And because of this, HIIT routines are incredibly adaptable and can be performed anywhere, anytime. This makes HIIT suitable for your home, gym or outdoor area – remember: Nick Kelly comes to you!

High Intensity Interval Training and Weight Loss

HIIT can help you lose weight! An HIIT workout not only burns more calories while it’s being performed, it also results in more fat and calories being burned in the 24 hours after training as the body’s repair cycle is kicked into overdrive. Studies have also shown that HIIT preserves muscle while burning fat, unlike training methods such as steady-state cardio in which muscle is lost too. And HIIT has been shown to stimulate production of human growth hormone, leading to a faster metabolism and slowing down the aging process.

High Intensity Interval Training in Dubai

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